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 Broadband, currently there are 3 Speeds which are known as Broadband. There is a 512kb/ps speed a 1Mbps connection speed and currently the quickest to buy is 2Mbps data transfer speed. The quicker an internet connection is the faster it downloads files as the more information can be gained from websites and loaded on our screens quicker. Not many but some people tend to choose an ADSL connection which is normally around 128kb/ps this isn't much cheaper than Broadband so if you get the choice choose the Broadband option.
          Still the most commonly used internet connection is Dial-up which is often reliable and a decent speed to most home users. If you are on a dial-up connection dont use Broadband because once you get back home you will realise that your connection is slow, the benefit also of Broadband is that it does not go through your phone-line so calls can be made and recieved whilst online. All ISP's are now becoming more focused on Broadband Services and soon you could see a dramatic fall in costs.

If you wish to test the actual speed of your own internet connection then click this link to perform the test.

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